Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain, Rain Go Away

I noticed a friend of mine had buzzed yesterday:

"I want to go outside and take photos. However it's raining like mad. This makes me sad."

Perversely, I had the opposite reaction. Rain means people behaving differently. Here in California, you can read "differently" as "crazier". People forget how to drive in the rain, and swerve around. People forget that rain exists since we haven't had it for eight months or so, and then end up blinded by a freak umbrella opening accident.

I've never really photographed in the rain (other than a few times I got caught out in it, and like a proper Californian recoiled like Bill Compton hit by the sun), but I had a picture in my head, ever since I saw it in Street Photography Now.

Well, I didn't get that shot, but I did find a lot of things I liked out there in the rain, and this is the first one. :)

More to come, and I'll comment more about what (if anything) I did to protect my gear from the rain.

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