Saturday, June 30, 2012



Every year, I try to photograph the San Francisco Pride Parade. There's huge, monster turnout, as a happy city turns out for what is effectively an all-day celebration of some of the best things about San Francisco. You get these great characters who are literally on parade, and the result is a wonderful chance to take some pictures.

This shot was driven by two things: Last year, I got this shot of one of those SF cheerleading groups tossing people in the air. I wanted to get more of that action -- I love seeing people take flight! The other is the Airship Ventures zeppelin, which has been everywhere lately. I'd seen it in the sky all morning, and I'd been looking to include it in a composition. This is the result -- tough exposure, but one of my favorite shots from this year.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Colored Folks


This is the other shot I got from last Saturday that really had me looking at colors working together in a scene. That same direct, late afternoon light is at work just like my previous image -- and the angular shadows make this slightly weird image work for me.

An Arm and a Leg

An Arm and a Leg

Summer is here in San Francisco, which means a preponderance of largely cloudless days in many of the areas I shoot. One of the fun things about cities is that by afternoon, you get like peaking around buildings but still being very direct, which leads a lot of the colors to really pop.

Color isn't normally my thing, but I've been sitting here with Eggleston on my desk for a few months, so I'm hoping it starts to rub off. ;)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

"His Best Foot Forward"

His Best Foot Forward

I've been bad about updating my blog in the last few months; been pretty busy with traveling, work, and (lately) the perils of mattress shopping. The net result is I'm months behind in processing, which I strongly persist until I drop dead (hopefully later rather than sooner; but that means the processing debt will be that much greater).

This shot is from Caltrain, and once again reminds me why the iPhone 4s is just a remarkable tool for street photography -- I'm actually vaguely worried that if the iPhone 5 or whatever is giant, it will become more noticeable and it won't be as good at what it does.

Then again, I guess this could change street photography forever if Google [disclaimer: my employer -- but I have nothing to do with this project] gets it right.