Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Exit

No Exit

This is another shot from the Stockton Street Tunnel as another section of that Muni Bus ran by. Along with being (at least I think) a successful frame, it was an interesting test of my social inhibitions.

Taking a picture of anyone on the street is always something that requires me to steel my nerves a bit. It gets exponentially harder once I've been spotted. Taking a photo after that -- particularly when I'm by myself is still almost impossible for me. I think how the photo might be broken because I've been noticed, and also all the social manners come rushing back to me.

I had this happen to me here, but the people were behind glass, and on a bus moving away from me and down a tunnel. I still felt the mad pressure to stop, but it was easier to force myself to keep shooting what I saw. Not sure if the Stockton tunnel is good practice or not, but I loved the shots I got there.


  1. I'm glad you kept shooting.

    I get the same nerves myself, but find after a few dozen frames I'll start to relax a bit.