Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Public Exposure

Public Exposure

Snapped this while I was waiting to take Caltrain up to the city. Very nice light for most of the day up in the city, and at the station in Mountain View -- made up for seemingly weeks of harsh, direct light torturing me. Along with the light, the grin, the sky, and the composition (yes, I liked the image), these people are profoundly and genuinely joyful about having a Caltrain ticket.

How did they get to this place? I'm envious of this kind of mad glee -- can you ever imagine being this excited about public transit? Maybe public transit to the Moon? I don't think I'd get there without pharmaceuticals, but I'm glad these girls were as excited as they were, since it made the photo for me.

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  1. Seriously. Shinkansen, I can see. But....Caltrain?!