Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Fourth Rider

The Fourth Rider

Living on the peninsula, I feel like that the summer is generally a long period of ho-hum sunsets. "Great! Another clear, blue-sky day..." At any rate, whenever there is a good sunset, I take note. In true Murphy fashion, this is when the days shorten, and I'm much more likely to still be at work when the sunsets happen. So, I'm always on the lookout for interesting vistas around campus.

Our offices have a balcony that looks out over our chunk of campus, and I was there last night watching the clouds, and I was telling a friend, "I think these may turn pink. We've got a sunset." An outside observer could tell it might be an interesting sunset, since every single photog on my team wandered out on the balcony, and started staring at the clouds and pontificating.

My friend Marius and I figured we'd try out a sunset photo down by this little statue that's right down the road from our office. Our approach to the statue was interesting -- Marius is an Actual Landscape Photographer, so he sniffed a bit when I got down low and started shooting up at the horse with my 28mm.

Walking away from the statue as we were losing light, I noticed that there was a fair amount of drama when I saw the horse silhouetted from a distance, and shot semi-wide. I had Marius go up to the horse, and shouted at him to try a bunch of poses.

This is one I liked, and frankly seemed a little creepy, which I loved.

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