Friday, October 15, 2010

The Lonely Road

The Lonely Road

One of my gripes with my 28mm is that it has perennial problems with flare when front lit. I got disgruntled enough with it that I actually ordered the small lens hood for it. Honestly, I've never been a fan of hoods -- I'm already carrying a two pound hunk of metal, do I really need something else to draw attention to the lens?

I'd say it was a little hard to tell if the hood was really doing anything about flare. My verdict would be 'not much', although I think I could detect an overall increase in micro-contrast to some of my shots. Hard to tell if it's the lens hood placebo effect or not. ;)

The plus side of all the flaring was that I got this shot, when this guy walked into my frame. With this light, the shot is all about him and his expression -- best efforts of the lens hood notwithstanding.

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