Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Business Like...

No Business Like...

Gary Kasparov came to work a few weeks back, and I got to shoot some of his interview from off stage. Cool guy -- twice over a baller for ushering out the end of the human era in chess and for being a political dissident in Russia.  Naturally, the most interesting photo came when I was noodling around shooting people on the balcony.

I've been shooting people standing on this balcony at events for years, and I've never been quite happy. This one was kind of by accident -- I was kind of wanting a silhouette with that light, but there's actually a window behind the dude in the upper right hand corner, and I managed to meter on that. The result was an instant silhouette, even if I was kind of torturing the camera. Since I had it on 1/100s and ISO 5000 because it's so dark inside, it picked _f/40_ when I metered on the outdoor light!

At any rate, love the pose and the bit of light from the spotlight. And I finally have my photo from this place where I knew there ought to be one.

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