Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yawning Towards Gomorrah

I live in Mountain View, which is arguably a less fertile venue for street photography than San Francisco. I was rambling around after dinner last week, and I heard some really loud yelling, and ran into this pair of guys. One of them had a video camera to record the other guy yelling (and people's reaction), which I thought was kind of perverse. In fact, I briefly wondered whether this was some kind of performance art. Given the duration and fervor of the yelling though, I deduced that this was all too real.

Pretty irritating to have this nut in front of the town's main bookstore, so I kind of wanted to go for an in-your-face kind of shot. I'd just gotten my new 35mm in the mail the day before, so that's what I had on my camera. This was the result:

Yawning towards Gomorrah

I was ok with this image, though it feels like it could have been a bit more. The 35mm seems to be technically a very nice lens -- superior in basically every way to my POS 28mm, but it doesn't quite have that "magic" that the 28 does when it comes to an in your face street scene. That may be my inexperience with the lens, or it may just be you'll never get that look. I also felt like the 35 might be too good -- it's sharp enough that it feels a little clinical for what I like from a street shot, but that may be more fallout from my abusive relationship with the 28.

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