Sunday, April 11, 2010

In This Sign You Will Conquer

Last weekend, I went to the Apple Store on Market Street to photograph the madness surrounding the iPad launch. I got there a little late in the day, so after some shooting near the store, I wandered around Market Street. Very harsh light blasting down this street, and lots of cool shadows -- kept milling around behind pedestrians on the street, and eventually got this one, which I really liked.

In This Sign Will You Conquer

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  1. The shadow's great. A bit of a pity that the head seems to blend in slightly with the background. (If you could've just sawed down that inconvenient streetlamp you'd have been fine...)

    Obviously it's hard to get a perfect arrangement with a candid shot like this. And when you're looking at the shadow (which is what I'd have been looking at, were I taking this) it's easy not to notice how then rest of the figure is/isn't standing clear of the background.