Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mass Transit

My last post about being trapped got me to thinking about this portrait, which is also about being confined. I was on MUNI with some co-workers for an offsite activity, and we were crammed in. I always feel pretty weird taking photos of people on mass transit (possibly because there's no escape route?), but the combination of being with friends and being jammed in made it seem more natural, so I was on the lookout for interesting situations.

Mass Transit

There was a group of kids at the head of the bus laughing and goofing off, and this kid kept stepping into this pool of awesome loop-but-near-Rembrandt style light, and I thought it would be a great capture. I managed to capture him looking dazed and a little sad, and the confining framing made the portrait work for me.

I shot this with my 135mm DC, which is probably my favorite all-time lens for candid street portraits. You can view a wider crop here, but after a few months, I kind of realized I liked it tighter.

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