Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Road From Damascus

For a long time now, I've been unhappy with pointing people to my Flickr stream to show them my photos. I really felt like I needed multiple streams -- carrying a camera with me everywhere means that I take a lot of photos. Some of them are "social" -- with, by, and of friends. Some of them are portraits. Some of them are street photography. Some of them are just my favorites.

I could have bought a second Flickr account (and I may still do that), but none of the upload tools are well-designed for dealing with that problem, so I decided that a photo blog would be the right venue.

This blog is where I'm going to post my favorites, or at least the hopeful monsters from my shots. Owing to my personal taste, expect most of these to be stuff from the street or portraits. I'll also be occasionally linking to photos from other people that fall into these categories. I'll try to post at least once a week, but the only real rule is that every post will have a photo.

Ok, here we go: First photo!

The Road from Damascus, Remix
"The Road from Damascus"

This photo was probably the first shot I made with my little Nikon 28mm that I really loved. I was walking along Market Street in San Francisco, and looked up to see some interesting flaring going on. Only had a second, but I noticed that the people had sort of converged in a pattern that tickled my brain. The scales fell from my eyes, and I knew I had a shot.

It's why I love street photography: One tiny little moment, and then it's gone forever. Hope you got the shot -- last chance to see!

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