Sunday, April 11, 2010


Just one more post to kick off the blog. Figured I needed something in color to liven the place up, and a little more help procrastinating with taxes.


My good friend Damien was in from out of town, and he wanted to take some canonical touristy pics of the golden gate bridge from the Marin Headlands side. I'm a terrible driver -- bad enough that everybody cringes when I'm at the wheel. It lets me make cultivate skills like being a scintillating conversationalist, amusing (if not accurate) navigator, but also: pictures from out of a moving car.

So many shots of the bridge have been done, it's hard to get something I'd want to keep. But I'm in that "the real story is the people" school of thought, so as we blasted across the bridge, I had my 180 out, and was on the lookout for The Shot.

I won't say that I was hoping for someone to jump while we were crossing, but instead will say that this picture made up for the fact that no one did.

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