Saturday, January 22, 2011



Our trip to Cabo san Lucas also brought me face to face with my first Mexican airport. Parts of it were identical (maybe modulo a decade or two), but what I wasn't prepared for was stepping off the tarmac and into a giant room of people shouting about timeshare deals to me. I'm not talking about a few people peddling, I mean institutional support for airport spam. Imagine a whole room of people behind desks, all of whom were ostensibly offering you rides to your hotel -- in return for listening to a time share pitch. It was actually impossible to distinguish between legitimate taxi companies and time share companies (it actually wasn't even clear if there *was* such a thing as a legitimate taxi company).

The coolest guy in the giant was this security guy shoved off in a corner, way more alert than his lazy dog snoozing underfoot. Loved this shot of him, and the framing of bystanders really gave it an interesting perspective.

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