Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Pickup

The Pickup

Shot this one on my last trip to Vegas. Was leaving a party for my conference, and then noticed this couple over by a very dark bar on the way out. No way I could shoot them directly without being noticed, so I set the ISO to 6400, said a little prayer, and shot this from the hip. Very challenging environment -- one of those times I found myself greedily wishing for a d3s and that extra stop of low light performance.

Apropos of Vegas, I'm headed back there this weekend. Was going to Sonoma, but it turns out that according to Yelp, I could either pay $500/night for a room, or sleep with bedbugs. My girlfriend pointed out that last minute plane tickets to Vegas were cheap, so off we go. Next stop: The Wynn, and smoky casinos full of people who desperately need to be photographed. ;)

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