Monday, September 27, 2010

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy

I've lived in the Bay Area for ten years, and I've never been to the Folsom Street Fair. So, this year I resolved to go, and (of course) bring along my camera. Looking at the weather report earlier last week, and then again on Saturday, I realized that after a summer of glorious cloudy, partial-directional light, I was going to have nothing but the worst shitty straight-over-head-beat-me-like-a-Folsom-Street-booth-babe light there was. I'd been thinking about this Bruce Gilden video I've seen, and about how people like Diane Arbus used flash in daylight, so I had a notion. I went out and picked up a TTL cable for my flash yesterday, and thought I could put it to some good use as strategic fill, or (more interesting for my purposes) a tool to inject some drama into a poorly lit scene.

I learned a lot in just a few hours of using the flash-on-a-rope, and I'll probably write more about it here. In the interim, please enjoy this lovely young lady, who saw my flash an immediately offered to pose.

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