Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Master of Puppets

Master of Puppets

This weekend in Mountain View, they held their annual Art & Wine festival. You know the drill: Those places in California where you can buy a toe ring, get a henna tattoo, munch on some kettle corn and/or garlic fries, and generally gawk at humanity as you sip wine you bought by trading in carnival tickets.

I went to the festival just before noon or so with B, and we wandered all the booths. She loved the weather and sipped white wine -- while I bitched & moaned about the bad direct light over sangria, and generally sweltered. Took a few frames, nothing was happening. Lots of people meandering, no action.

Came back closer to the evening, and things had come alive. Wasn't sure if it was because it had cooled off, or because people had had their requisite 3-4 glasses of wine, but stuff was really moving.

Saw this guy in a toy booth, showing off his puppet rig to a kid. Love the crossed motif, and the contrast didn't hurt either.


  1. Yeah! Hands and those crossed sticks are sweeet!

  2. Thanks Brad -- we may be the only two who see that, most of my friends were mystified by this shot, which I perversely love. I think it helps to have a well-calibrated brightness for your monitor -- otherwise the blacks really show up as sunken here in a way that doesn't work at all.

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