Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sing It

Sing It

Every second Thursday during the summer, Mountain View (where I live) closes off all the vehicle traffic to their downtown, and opens the whole thing up to pedestrians. They have classic cars, booths from the Sunday farmer's market, fire trucks, and generally some sort of outdoor band. Local small businesses go nuts!

In short: the whole thing is a little like a well-intentioned episode of "stuff white people like", or as my SO puts it, bourgietown. That said, people show up, and there's something to the idea that the street photography just shows up on your doorstep.

This shot is from the performance by the Spazmatics -- they were jamming out to Eye of the Tiger, and the lead singer ran out into the audience and picked out someone to start singing with. Not sure if the dude was a plant for the band or not, but what man in bourgietown could refuse an opportunity to belt out a few lines from the 80s? ;)

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