Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Girls and Dreams

I dreamt last night that I was on that shore in Inception, and I had washed up there having lost my camera in the sea. I went to file a Lost & Found on my d700, only to find that either the pens didn't work (one exploded), or the paper was too glossy to write on. I kept waking up, utterly convinced that my camera was somewhere lost in the ocean, covered in brine. So vividly did I believe this, that I would immediately go back to sleep, because it was the only way I was convinced I could find it.

I'm not really sure what this says about me.


This is a shot I got from Mill Valley. I ended up going here for the Scott Kelby photowalk, since the one in the Mission had been booked solid months out, and my time horizon for booking things is just not that far out, Google Calendar use or not.

It was incredibly cold and overcast, and there was just not a lot going on at that beach. Not really into landscapes, but I kept seeing the pattern between the tide and the beach, and the contrast between the two in that overcast light. Throw in the girls on the beach, and I saw this. The undulations and curves make it for me -- definitely my favorite shot from that walk, and I went looking for something from the beach after last night's dream.

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