Saturday, June 2, 2012

"His Best Foot Forward"

His Best Foot Forward

I've been bad about updating my blog in the last few months; been pretty busy with traveling, work, and (lately) the perils of mattress shopping. The net result is I'm months behind in processing, which I strongly persist until I drop dead (hopefully later rather than sooner; but that means the processing debt will be that much greater).

This shot is from Caltrain, and once again reminds me why the iPhone 4s is just a remarkable tool for street photography -- I'm actually vaguely worried that if the iPhone 5 or whatever is giant, it will become more noticeable and it won't be as good at what it does.

Then again, I guess this could change street photography forever if Google [disclaimer: my employer -- but I have nothing to do with this project] gets it right.

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