Monday, April 11, 2011

We Are Legend

We Are Legend

My assignment this week for my portrait class was to go up to a random stranger and ask to take their portrait. I was walking along by Powell (by that touristy pizza joint), and saw this group hanging out. You know how you can tell a group of people in a crowd is a group? All those subtle signals, and something just different about the geometry of how they're together?

Well, these guys had it in spades. And sure enough, when I asked to take their picture, they didn't require any direction at all -- the shot just happened.

I take so few group photos I'm happy with (read, none), that I was really happy to snag this one.


  1. given
    - pre-existing group
    - self-assembling into photo pose
    - is it me or do the people seem more "leaderly" the closer they get to the middle?

    Is photo center the same as "head of the table" in a group?

    -- guyal

  2. I would say we have a bias towards that in Western Culture (just think of the Last Supper!), but I can imagine a group shot where the person in the middle is in some way being protected or sheltered by the people around him or her. Or, imagine a person in the middle, but everyone around them has their backs turned toward them -- kind of a shunning vibe.