Friday, December 10, 2010

Paranoid Much?

Paranoid Much?

There was some amazing partial directional light through the window of our lounge at work today. While we were sitting around, shooting the breeze, I took some shots of my co-workers. Over time, I've tried to get head shots that work for all of them in various poses, and every so often, I get some that have a little sizzle. Sometimes it comes from a friend who I photograph all the time, others are like Eugene here who I've barely photographed at all, but something just pops out.

No direction here -- I was just sitting on the couch with my 135mm, waiting to strike when the moment was right.

I would say that being a clinical paranoid helps with computer security, but another friend of mine did a study where she showed that people suffering from paranoia actually pick worse passwords on average than normal people.

I also can't stress enough how much of a fan I am of indirect window light. I have a model in my head for how it works, which really helps predicting what I get at the end -- using flashes is easily several stops more difficult for me. Give me a window though, and I feel like I'm bound to get something good if I wait there long enough.

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